Personal Cinema considers the Secondary Transludic Borders project as a network of collaboration and a work in progress project that will last as long as there is an interest improved by actual and future collaborators on the subject of borders. As the participants are based in Europe (although there is an expressed interest for participation from other regions (Middle East, United States), Eurasian ''physical'' issues concerning borders, is anticipated to engross mainly the process and influence the development. Thus, locality regarding technology potentials, bandwidth and presentations of the project is seriously considered. For that reason Personal Cinema intends to use servers located in Greece, Balkan countries and Belgium.
Given the fact that the basic idea of the project is the interrelations between reality and virtuality, presentations of the project will be done simultaneously inside the virtual space of SL and in real spaces related with the content of the project.

Personal Cinema will buy virtual land in Second Life and will build facilities in order to host contributed works and information for the development of the project.
Streaming video, animations, avatar creation, BHV anims for the avatars, sounds photos, texts etc will be the creative production to be used either independently either in form of online performances that will take place in determined dates and time.
A "satellite" online video game will be created as a multiuser platform of deconstruction of the ethics and politics of virtual environments.
Several blogs and web pages will serve as platforms providing info and space for creative writing.
Possible expansions of the SLWiki scripting language are anticipated.
Regarding the possibility offered by the virtual gallery Ars Virtua, possible collaboration inside the gallery space is welcome. (Streaming video, photos, texts)
Regarding the Art interactive space in Cambridge MA presentation of the project or part of it there, could be possible as well.

So far, Personal Cinema and collaborators are in contact with curators and institutions for funding assistance regarding production and presentations.
Funding will be used mostly to cover the collaborative network needs for works production (when needed, e.g. special software plug-in, editing etc), post-office expenses and presentations inside SL or in real spaces.
Personal Cinema team is highly experienced in presentations of media projects.
An experience gained through many presentations done in areas providing poor infrastructure, as some Balkan countries. However, we consider as a very important political stand, the diffusion of new media tactics, ideas and works in regions that lack this kind of knowledge.