The network of collaborators so far (March 07) is the following.
The page will be refreshed periodically according to the new participants.
in alphabetic order




Born in Skopje, Macedonia
She has studied world and comparative literature and now she continuous her studies in the Anthropology University in Skopje.
Been in a two member Virtual group, made music with sound trackers Virtual functioned as a writing based project as well on the basis of the method "controlled chaos". This method, continued in the photography medium, when she ventured with Natasha Geleva in 2005, on the "the role switching project".
Ana Chu also participated, in a touring comic's exhibition across Macedonia, in 2000, as a cartoon scenario writer, and the comic magazine ''Psila'' as the drawer.
She participated in writing the lyrics for the music of a child's play "the Bee King" in Sarajevo, alongside with Elvis J. Kurtovij. Had a number of blogs, one written in Bosnian, and one on Macedonian. She's also the editor of the "chitanka" e-journal, also editing the February Balkan's Literature Chronicle. These same texts will be performed, alongside the music of Goce and Nora Stojanovij in an experimental music performance.


He was born in Spain in 1962
Studies at Royal Academy of Fine Arts and in Belgian Academy of Rome (Fondation Darchis scholarship)
He lives and works in Liege, Belgium and he teaches drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liege.
His work as an artist consist at pointing out the concepts of "visibility" and "invisibility", of objectivity and subjectivity of the true and the false.
In this way he meets the secular metaphysical preocccupations of philosophers and artists that interrogate these themes.
Questioning the image and the concept of "representation", an interrogation on the formal language the artist explores the semiology of contemporary art, by the use of a lot of different interventions and performances on the matter of signs.
He has exhibited his work in many European countries.
He is a member of the Personal Cinema group.


She was born in Athens, Greece in 1963.
She studied in Athens University, Linguistics and pedagogy and in Oslo, Norway, international and comparative education (MPhil). She has taught Modern Greek in secondary and adult classes in Greece and Cyprus. She is now teaching in Hanover Germany. She has followed several workshops on ''creative writing'' in London and Hanover. She has written several short stories and she has worked as a co-author for multimedia scripts. Actually she is working on a multimedia novel based on the MMORPG Second Life called Laura.


Born in 1954, lives and works in Liege, Belgium.
Studies at the "Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Liège".
His work has a strong political aspect by focusing and criticising the artistic interventions and the representations of the social-political issues, in physical and virtual public spaces. Deriving inspiration from early European history (e.g. the ideas of ‘’ikonomachy’’ and ‘’iconolatry’’) and from French post-structuralism theory, he subverts and criticizes the role of the artist as an insider and outsider in relation with the role of institutions. He uses different media as photos, objects and video installations.
He is a lector at the academy of Fine Arts in Mons, Belgium, (teaching drawing in physical and digital form) and he exhibits his works in European countries as Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy.
He is an early member of the collective Personal Cinema.


Beatrijs Albers is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and woks in Brussels. She graduated from the St. Lukas Institute of Arts in Brussels and is currently teaching video art and new media.
Her work questions the underlying structures of social reality and the way in which reality is codified. Beatrijs Albers explores this in all her installations by starting from sociological undertones on which variations are attempted, connected to the testing of that reality with other models of connecting to the world. She has a tendency to undertake excursions to hazy suburbs, geographic margins and domains where signs have a double moral. With all this, it is interesting how Beatrijs Albers conceives this journeys as a literal activity and also a mental exploration into contents and disentanglement of interests with the aims of founding her art with objective and autobiographical elements. Interests include the conditions of subjectivity, the so called "open field " between the spectator and the art piece, and the viewers involvement in constructing a narrative.
Her works have been exhibited among others at the Argos festival (Brussels), mix Media (Paris), Videobrasil (Brazil), COURTisane festival (Gent), Personal Cinema (Athens), OMR (Mexico).


She was born in Athens in 1975.
She studied Archaeology and History of Art at the University of Athens and continued her studies with a postgraduate course (MA) in Museum Studies at University College London. She has conducted research and has worked in museums in the field of collection management. Her main field of interest has been the continuously changing relationship between museums and contemporary art, especially in the case of the new media. From 2001 until 2006 she was working in Fournos, Centre for Digital Culture, as a Programme Curator and Coordinator of Medi@terra International Art and Technology Festival. She is member of the Personal Cinema, International New Media Collective, being the spokesperson and PR person for the group. She is now working free lance as the Associate Curator of Carl Goodman for the Gameworld Exhibition in Laboral Centro de Arte y Industrial.


Dimitris Dokatzis was born in Athens, where he lives and works. He studied fine arts at the Byam Shaw School of Art, London and filming at The London International Film School between 1978 and 1984.
From the mid -1980s until the mid -1990s he explored the possibilities of the language of sculpture at the end of post-industrial era, as influenced by minimalism in combination with architecture and the urban environment. From 1997 he has been working with video and new technologies, exploring their possibilities of a new reading of the present state of affairs, but also the way these technologies influence the perception of the contemporary individual. Based on this framework he has created "SOFTKNOT" (, an Internet website, a social / cultural web-node.
Dimitris Dokatzis is also a co-founder member of Personal Cinema.
At the moment he is the coordinator of DIAPHANOUS.TV:, a new web project for Personal Cinema.


He lives and works in Brussels, Belgium
Dragot, not only began as a painter, but his painting was also the point of departure for all the other activities he manifested.
In the end of 90's after a long career as a pop star singer, Robert Aliaj DRAGOT nearly stopped with music to come back to his first concern as an art painter. Now many years later in Brussels, he is focused especially to a multimedial research, experimenting with photography, moving images, animations, sounds and painting itself, without loosing the picturesque quality.
His attention divides himself between a critical curiosity of the artistic scene in Europe and a renewed interest for the fast shock therapeutic change, which the Albanian state underwent.
He exhibits his work world wide. He is a member of Personal Cinema.
Most recent exhibitions:
15 April 2007 - Goethe Institutes in Los Angeles and Mexico City
February 2007 - 57th Berlin International Film Festival (the Berlinale)
February 2006 - Chelsea Art Museum Home of the Miotte Foundation New York


Born in Athens, 1960
He did his studies at the university Paris VIII in Urbanism (theorie critique de la question urbaine) and in Plastic Arts.
His work as a painter focused on the origins of the visual and text based linguistic structures which formed the perception of painting as a common good, inside and outside of the institutional spaces.
He has exhibited world wide, in galleries, museums, alternative spaces and his work is part of several private collections.
He was member and co-fonder of international artistic groups in Paris, Milan, Eindhoven and Athens.
He is the initiator and co-fonder of Personal Cinema group.
Since 1993 he is working in numerous documentary films both commercial and experimental, for world wide production companies as PBS, NBC, BBC WORLD, ARTE, and WLIW, either as art director or associated producer. He worked as co-director in political broadcast programs for the Greek State TV (NET) and in advertising companies.
Since 1998 after the founding of Personal Cinema group, he starts working as a media artist mostly concerned with alternative video games and online 3D virtual environments.
He uses several editing, composite and 3D programs.
In 2002 he initiates the New media cultural/political project: "the making of Balkan Wars: The game" and its core video game project: ''the Balkan Mall''. He has written and published various papers regarding critics on aesthetics, politics and New Media, in European magazines, newspapers and web sites.
Also, he designs and produces educational video-games as the recent "Resist", that focus on drug abuse prevention for adolescents.
Together with the new media curator Daphne Dragona, he initiated the actual "Secondary Transludic Borders" project.


Born in Ochrid, Macedonia
Lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia and Cologne, Germany
1995, BFA Faculty of Natural Science, Skopje, Macedonia
2000, BFA Faculty of Fine Arts, Skopje, Macedonia
2007, MFA Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany
Her work is much related with social and politic issues, having among other as content the matters of identities, human and urban landscapes and borders in both physical and virtual ways of perception.
She received scholarships in Germany, Austria and France and she has been awarded for her work in Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, Macedonia and Spain.
She has done many solo and collective exhibitions world wide.


Studies at the Aristotelian University of Fine Arts in Thessalonica.
Since 1993 she lives and works in Paris, France, as painter and designer and she has done numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums in France, Italy and Greece.
In her work she explores the interrelations between genders and identities, with the use of an innovative form of drawing.
Among other editions, she is the editor of a book containing writings, paintings and drawings that investigates the sexual, social and identity problems. Her work is especially concerned with contradictions that occurs between couples when identities are related and the way that patterns ''of being'' are perceived, from both individuals and the ''outside'' world, in other words, the society and the western established stereotypes of the common seeing.


Born in 1963 in Wevelgem Belgium.
Lives and works in Brussels. (
As a visual artist, he realises a lot of video pieces which can be considered art pieces in their own. He is also producing and directs documentaries in which artistic aspects merge with realistic documentation. (E.g. Beluga, the ''sea canary', that was shot in Groeland and it was granted from the VAF (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds and "The termite Project" as a resident artist in Sydney, Australia).
He is also producing numerous video works for the internet. His work has a very intensive ecological concern, especially critisising in a subverting way, the management methods and the creation of the life style through advertisement and propaganda, that is used by corporations to masquerate their exploitations of natural resources and human labour.
His work is exhibited in galleries and museums world wide.


He was born in Athens 1973.
He has studied music theory.
Today he works as journalist and actually, he is the person in charge of the Greek publication of Popular Science of Kathimerini newspaper.
He has realised interviews with leading Greeks and foreigner scientists as Tim Berners Lee, Joe Davis, Nikolaos Hatzinjkolaou, Fotis Kafatos, Dimitris Nanopoulos and others.
He began his professional career as author of the Greek newspaper ''Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia'' in the departments of social report and for the scientific magazines "Info", and METRO.
He collaborated with Sunday edition of Kathimerini newspaper and the magazines "K" and "Ecology".
He was the editor for a line of special publications regarding the Internet, as well as responsible for the edition of the multimedia, cultural/recreational magazine CD-VIEW.
He was a journalist researcher /collaborator in Theodore Roussopoulos 7+7 TV program (Mega Channel) and "On - Places" program (Star-channel) as well as at the documentary program "Exantas" (NET Greek state TV and ALPHA channel).
He has participated in journalistic missions in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Genoa 2003 - Italy, France, Albania and Kosovo.


Born in Athens
1994 Studies of stage design and direction for cinema and TV
2002 Studies of digital technology and new media/web design
She had worked for several years in Greek state TV (NET) as stage designer and photographer.
She worked also at cinema productions in several films and TV movies, as assistant art director. She is a co-founder of the group Personal Cinema and she participated at the script writing, at the video editing and the 2d creation of the video game "Balkan Mall" the central part of the project: "The Making of Balkan Wars: The Game". She had designed the web sites and the net-art section of the same project, as well as the early "Videoshow" and "Prossenghisi" projects of the Personal Cinema group.
She has done various exhibitions mostly in public spaces.
She perceives he work as a collaborative action inside different groups by participating in numerous projects.
In recent years she combines digital photography and web designing by initiating and participating in political and social/activist projects, related with gender issues, examining marginalization, sexuality, violence, and migration.


Born in Liege, Belgium 1967
He lives and works in Brussels.
Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liege.
His work examines mostly the relations between art, politics and religion, especially as a comparative, deconstructive process, focusing mostly at the Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic theology and representation. He uses drawings, animations and video and he is the co-editor of several sound installation projects. His work has been exhibited in Europe in several galleries, installations in public spaces and museums. He is also the editor of books in which he collaborates with poets and writers.
In collaboration with media artists he had produced internet orientated projects.
He is an early member of the collective Personal Cinema and a lector in Brussels's Academy of Fine Arts.
He received awards as "Laureat du prix EMMA-Academie royale des sciences et des lettres, Bruxelles", 2005 and "Laureat du concours restraint", with the participation of the poet and writer Eugene Savitzkaya, Bruxelles.
Filmographie: "Ca me fairet plaisir" -with the director M.Jakar, production RTBF Brussels.


Born in 1959 in Brussels. Lives and works in Brussels.
He studied at “Ecole superieure de la Cambre”, Institut de photographie (I.N.R.A.C.I.) and Institut arts plastique E.R.G. Brussels.
In the artistic practice of Reggy Timmermans, a conceptual “line” is to be observed. Reggy Timmermans absolutely doesn’t pursue the strategy of the ready-made, but knows how to appropriate situations that he deconstructs through an intermediary method such as the involvement of actors. Simulation leads to concentration as a strategy of the third way. He integrates the spectator as “inherent environment” within the conception and the perception.
Reggy Timmermans displays his production from within on the specific spot where he is invited to conceive and implement an artistic intervention.
His work departs from situations that are rather recognisable and evolve according to the cultural and knowledge backgrounds of the “receiving” individual into more specific and profound reflections.
exhibitions: Film Festival, Lyon, France, Les Inattendus (FR 2004), Cinema et Architecture, Les Rencontres de l’Architectuur 2004, Monpellier (FR), Thailand New Media Art Festival 2004, Bangkok (TH) “SIGHT-MAPPING,SITE-SEEING”, Kunst & Zwalm 2005 (B), 1ere Triennale d’art public Liege, Personal Cinerma, Luik (B 2006)
next exhibitions: Galerie OMR, Mexico city (Mex 2007), NETWERK, Aalst (B 2007)


Born in Preveza (1979). Lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Economic Studies in Law Department of University of Athenes and currently student of Athens School of Fine Arts, department of New Media Technology.
3D design specialist
Experienced in video game level designing
Basic knowledge of programming (Python language)


He is an artist working in Athens, Greece.
He has presented audio visual installations in various spaces.
He is also founder member of the improvisation collective, Drog_A_Tek, and of the audio-visual experimental group, The Erasers,
Founding member of the Bios Cultural Center based in Athens,
He also curated the arts strand for the synch festival 2005, 2006.
He is currently working on an internet project commissioned by the Athens Biennial.


Born in Athens, Greece (1959). Lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Studied in Agricultural University of Athens.
Music theory and instrument studies (flute, saxophones)
Contemporary dance studies ("The 14th day" dance group)
Publisher (Echochroma Publications, Greece)
Software and hardware specialist.
Software and hardware multimedia constructions, installations and administration. (Medi@terra Festivals)
Multimedia CD-Roms.
Artistic DVD video productions.
Dynamic internet sites.
3D game programming.
Music and dance performances.
Member of Personal Cinema.
Technical Manager, administrator of online projects and programmer of Personal Cinema group projects: "Glimpses", "The Making of Balkan Wars: The Game". "Resist".